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Joensuun Botania aims to survive and preserve the gardens for future generations.

Joensuu botany has a strong intention to make the Botaniaa number one attraction in Finland. However, the initial investment, the renovation of the gardens and the cleaning and modernization of the premises have been a bigger project than previously estimated. For example, over 400 tons of rubbish has been removed already from Botania.

The overgrown ponds and hills have been excavated, all the botanical buildings have been renovated and the new garden areas have been rebuilt. However, much remains to be done. Everyone now has the opportunity to make an impact.

Various people, artists and private individuals have experessed their desire to help, but the oportunity has been lacking.

We now offer the opportunity.


• alle 4v ilmaiseksi
• 7 € / 4-12v lapsi 
• 15 € / aikuinen 
• 45 € / perhe (sis. 1-2 aikuista ja 1-3 lasta 4-12v) 
• 10 € / opiskelija-kortilla, eläkeläinen, varusmies, työtön 


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